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Firearms purchase posted via RFD

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I have been looking into buying a rifle which I would need sending via RFD. The vendor asked for bank transfer up front for full asking price however I suggested the recommendation pinned in Sales by Cranfield on this site;


"If a distance is involved that makes a face to face transaction difficult, then have the gun sent through RFD's, there will be a small charge, but its worth it.

The RFD receiving the gun will hold the gun until they receive authority to release it (upon the payment of the money)."


I have appologised if it appeared rude to suggest thai but felt it prudent. However I think I have upset the vendor!


This route would in effect put him £xx into the deal with no guarantee of my money and I see it from his perspective too.


We are at an impass so any ideas how I can overcome this? Driving there is an option but 10 hours round trip and costly!

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IMO if you are selling expensive equipment by post there should always be a compromise between buyer and seller. He expects you to pay in full via bank transfer which is risky as you have not seen the goods and a bank transfer is non reversible. You want to have the gun RFD'd and pay when you've seen the gun, which carried a risk to him that you don't pay.


As has been said above, if you are happy with the pics send enough money to get the gun to your RFD and pay the rest when you are happy. It's common sense and the only way forward.


I would be suspicious of sellers that won't accept a compromise of risk.

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Maybe old fashioned but pay RFD.

Send cheque if you like it he cashes the cheque , waits till it clears then he agrees with gun shop holding the gun to release to you.

After all they have the forms and are getting something it can't be that much more work just to wait till the sellers happy.

10 hour drives a whole day and as much as the RFD cost.


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I took a gun i sold to my trusted rdf, they took card payment from buyer over phone, they then send gun once funds cleared to his rdf.I bought new gun from my rdf so they were more than happy for the transaction to go through them & kept monies as deposit.

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Do RFD's like doing this?

I'm looking at buying a 2nd hand rifle and similar to OP doing a rfd due to distance/deisel etc. Just seem's a bit cheeky to me when not buying a gun off them, as i generally try to buy local if i can to support them

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I would imagine they hate doing that for the simple reason it is money going through the books that isn't attributable to their profit, on a straight sale and transfer to you then its fine but if its something they have on the shelves then I would feel awkward as well :lol:


personally i wouldn't sell a gun in this way simply because I would not expect someone to then pick holes in it versus a photo etc or decide they don't like it. There are a lot of time wasters out there and its not a buy it see if you do like it type of transaction guns are far better bought and sold face to face then everyone is happy.


That said I did sell a scope to Gixer last week who couldn't get it zeroed in his mounts and I had that back as that was the deal but I knew him so was fine with it.

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Same as u al4x would really prefer not to buy it that way either, but the distance time and deisel makes a cheapish rifle a very dear rifle. Just got to go on trust if i decide to go for it i'll have to phone the person first and just take a gamble and hope folk treat u the way u would treat them.

Don't really trade/swap guns much and tend to keep them for a loooong time

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