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Hi SakoQuad,

I am in a simlar position, i have ESS glasses as issued to the millitary but i cant get on with contacts. Can you tell me more about how you got perscription inserts for your ESS glasses?





Hi Matt, I searched flea bay and net for ESS ICE prescription lens holder / frame / insert (or something like that!) until I found a lens holder and ordered them. I had a prescription from a recent eye test and sent that plus the lens holders to Specs by Post who made the lens's up and fitted them for a very small amount of money (between £10 and £20? for thin plastic hardened lens' can't remember for certain) I do remember Specsavers wanted over £50 to do the same job.


The only nuisance was that none of the spec prescriptions provide the pupil distance (distance between the centre of your pupils) and I was not able to get it either - a really restrictive bit of practice by opticians! It was easy enough to get my wife to measure mine with a ruler though (trickier trying to do it yourself in a mirror).


That was it, easy, took a couple of weeks in total. Really can't remember the cost now but would be very surprised if it was more than £35 for lens holder and lens' plus the cost of the ESS ICE specs and I reckon my eyesight is worth all of that and some more. If you can get the same deal from Tesco as Mangled99 then that is even better value!

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Sorry I meant you can get a free eye test from tesco, the lenses I got made from budgetspex for £14.99 which included the postage turned around in a couple of days. I got the top gun glasses from ebay for around £20 which means I got the lot all made up for around £35 including the eye test.

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