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hope your dogs ok dave sorry to hear that ,just found out i know how must feel as and my old lab once got attacked on my own garden with a pit bull years ago, i herd all the neighbours screaming and my kids so i ran out and flipped,i just dragged the pit bull off my dog and spun around like a shot put thrower and chucked it down my street,i just see red, looking back now i could have been seriously bit and i dont think my nieghbours just liked what i did either, but my dog was being attacked on my own land, but as you know them dogs are my life.luckly my dog was not marked at all or the pit bull,i found out later though that the pit bull had lost four toe nails when it had landed on the tarmac ,hope every thing is fine and hope to see you on the pigeons again this year, cheers simon.....

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Cheers Simon.


My dog is well on the mend, back at the vets tomorrow night, it will be his last check over, his wounds are near as dam it healed up, Im off to Turkey for a week, then a week at home, so I will give him a few days shooting, yeh mate Im sure we will have a doo and a chinwag on the pigeons this summer.


Just wish to say thanks for all the replies I recieved, he is sound and rairing to get back working.

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FWIW, when I lived in Africa, the bad guys would spray guard dogs in the face/eyes with deep heat back pain spray and it really ******** the dogs up big time....... it might not be a pleasant idea but personally I'd rather have the attacking dog ******** up than my own one........ and of course a small can of such product fits neatly into the pocket and isn't illegal.

I'm sorry to hear your dog got stuffed up and hope you get your money back but I rather doubt he'll pay up in full and on time.

Personally, I'd have reported such an attack straight away because it just might be someone's kid next time but hey, it's your decision.

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Incidents like this shouldn't happen but do & always will. I'm not a fan of pitbull terriers but this is down to the fact the majority are owned by moronic owners who don't realise these dogs can be like ticking bombs just waiting for something to set them off. Theres a big difference between bull terrier types & pitbulls although both can inflict serious damage. I've separated a pair of pitbulls before & other dogs numerous times. I can honestly say that the kicking, punching, shouting, hitting with a stick will do nothing but heighten a bulls aggression. Separating the bulls on a local field I managed to choke one off & had the edge of my hand smashed in the process by the other when it turned. As mentioned a breaking stick is the quickest means of putting a stop to it. A breaking stick is a wedge shaped piece, made from wood or tough plastic, that is put in the dogs mouth as near to the back teeth as possible & opens the mouth. Finger up the ****, water in the nostrils, ******** squeezed all old wives tales. A break stick could save your dog a lot of damage or even its life

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