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Not sure what forum to post this in so thought here would do for now. I uses glasses for clays but not for field shooting which is daft really. Anyway, If anybody wants quality but affordable eye protection you could do a lot worse than these:





The 'Revision Sawfly Ballistic Glasses' are now appearing on evilBay as unused surplus for about £25, I think they retail new at £65. 3 different lenses clear, yellow and dark and very very tough hitting all the required safety standards. They have been instrumental in reducing blast injuries leading to sight loss in Afghanistan and are issued to all UK, Danish and most US troops. The manufacturers reckon they'll defeat a shotgun blast at 5m! See you tube for the test.


I hope I'm not breaching a PW selling policy but just thought some of you PW fellas might appreciate knowing about this product. Due to redundancies I suspect that a fair few sets will be appearing on popular auction sites in the near future.

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I think that I would be worried about buying something like this from the bay as there is so much fake stuff on there and its to late to complain if there is a problem and you loose and eye.


I could not get the link to work when I had a look this morning but it is working now and they are quite impressive but not cheap I think that I would prefer to pay the extra and get from your link as I still do not trust people on the bay not to fob you off with some cheap imitations

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I understand your concerns. However, I know that the MOD will be selling a lot of these to surplus shops at the moment which trade on eBay and also that lots of ex Squaddies will be after a little beer money so you are probably ok with private sellers on eBay. Each to their own I suppose. I just wanted to make PW aware of these as a quality product at a good price after reading the post in another section about the chap who got a cyst on his eyeball after picking up a fragment of dust or powder when shooting his semi auto.


I think some of the airsoft online shops have purchased them as unused military surplus if you are happier buying direct from them rather than through eBay. I find that if you aren't buying from eBay sellers based abroad you haven't much to worry about but in any case if I suspect something is snide I just return it. if you google Revision Sawfly Ballistic Glasses plenty of purchasing options with varying prices come up along with some interesting YouTube clips.

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When you say clip-in optically corrected lens, do you mean a prescription lens, or just one that does not cause distortion? I need to wear vari-focal specs, and have found it hard to get decent safety glasses that fit over them at a reasonable price. When I used to scuba dive you could get face masks with prescription glass...


The you tube vids are quite impressive, but though your eyes might be ok, I think your face around them would be a bit of a mess... :lol:





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They can rebuild your face but have to transplant eyes! I've see how effective these are in mitigating the effect of blast injuries, the grit and dust can be cleaned out and the scars heal. However, those two oh so important blobs of jelly don't heal so well .


The clip in prescription lens is basically a second frame to hold prescription lenses that clips onto the nose section and sit under the ballistic glasses, they have the details on the Revision website. I think you can buy them separately from the glasses as well so could get the glasses from the cheapest source and then buy your prescription lenses from Revision. I'm pretty sure the Army just fill in the below form for the speccy lads and send it off. They cost about £65 I think. Hope this helps.




The prescription lense holder looks like this:



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