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Hiya Doc


As always a great photo - thanks for sharing.


If it is 'copy-righted' can I please use the 2nd one as a screen-saver?


Cheers, L


No problems

if you want to send me your e mail in a message i will send you the original as these pics are low resolution to put up here

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Great pictures mate, we are lucky enough to have them breeding in a local land slip that happened over 100yrs ago. The slip opened up a 300 meter or so quarry like gash in the side of the mountain. And these magnificent birds took to breeding there about 20yrs ago now and most mornings during the season you can hear the familiar sound of them calling and flying about after the pigeon coming off the side of the mountains after feeding on the Whimberries that grown there.

Tried to take a few photos using my smart phone camera but unfortunately the quality is great close up but not so good at distance and that's the usually where most of the would be picture will have to taken. Perhaps it's time to invest in a decent camera and a different type of shooting for a nice change.



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