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new pup! some advice

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i've just bought a gsp,last sunday it is 8 weeks old just had its 1st jab.

this is my 1st time as a dog owner,so need some help on a few points.

i know NTTF is probably the one to know best after reading every dog post on the site.got some usefull advice,but need some more!

here we go!

1:how long do you think it will take to toilet train him?

(he does his poos mostly in the garden which is good,but tends to pee on the floor a lot instead off on the newspaper thats down)

2:he lives indoors with us but has a special area.what i want to know is how do i correct him when he thinks he is playing & nips us,as i dont want him getting used to this as i have three kids in the house?

3:also do you think he's to young to live in the garden,especially as its so cold at the moment?

4:what age do you think the dog will be ready to take shooting,obviously after he has learned basic obediance?



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Hi Turk,

when he nips you, give him a little tug by the side of his scruff (I mean a Little tug, just to get his attention) and sharply say NO. if you use this technique every time to correct bad behaviour, and in contrast give plenty of praise for good behaviour he will soon learn the difference.

You can use the same sort of thing for house training, you have to keep an eye on him, as soon as you see him stooping into position, sharply say NO, scoop him up and take him outside to the place you want him to use, when he uses his "toilet" spot give him plenty of praise.

remember you have to correct unacceptable behaviour immediately (within a couple of seconds) of the event, or the poor pooch wont know why he is being chastised and will become confused.

Remember to be patient and Don't beat your dog, (as some would advise!) you will get a lot further with the "positive reinforcement" technique.


Hope this helps, ???

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Hi Turk:


Just got home from the Island, and found your post. Thought I'd post my thoughts on your questions.


1) How long to toilet train?


First off get rid of the newspaper. There is no sence teaching a pup to mess on paper in the house when you will just have to unteach him to get him to mess outside. Remember he will have to go out every time he wakes up, eats, has a play session, or has not been out for approx. an hour through the day. at 8 weeks he should make it through the night exspecially if you are crate training him. By the way crate train him this is a very important aspect to him in his future not only as a hunting dog being transported but as a faimly pet as well. When you take him out side to mess take him to the area you want him to use, tell him to go pee or what ever command you want to use and praise him when he goes. By giving a command to the emptying of the bladder and bowls you can teach him to releive himself much faster on those days you are pressed for time, or when it is really cold and uncomfortable to be outside. If he has an accident in the house scold him with a gruff NO, pick him up by the scruff and place him outside. Watch him when he finishes praise him telling him he is a good boy and bring him back in. Within 4 to 5 days he should be asking to go outside on his own.


2)Curing him from nipping.?

I do not allow any of my pups to nip, this only causes bigger problems latter on in life. if he nipps you a lite rap under the chin with your knuckles and a Stern NO delivered at the same time will discourage this behaviour. Always come from under the chin, this way the pup will not see the correction coming nor will he become hand shy , which he will if the correction is delivered from above. Remember do not be abusive in your corrections you the least amount of force neccissary to get the point accross. When he takes him teeth off of you praise him by telling him he is a good puppy and petting him. The one thing that I do differant in this is instead of just saying NO I use a Command of No Teeth.


3) Is he too young to live out in the Garden with it being so cold out?


GSP's do not handle the cold well. If you are going to have him live outside be sure to provide an insulated dog house....usually a heated one. A dimmer switch and contained 40 watt light bulb are addiquate as a heat source.

However pointers perform much better for the owners when they feel that they are partners, and one of the best ways to build this feeling is by allowing him to join the faimly in the house. This also allows you to build a natural retrieve with the dog by tossing a notted cord or puppy bumper down a hallway . He will chase it down the hallway and bring it back to you in a straight line. Be sure to praise him as he is bringing it to you.....you may have to clap your hands and call pup, pup, pup. Do not force him to sit before he goes for the retrieve at this age. Also do not scold him for picking up things that are not his...shoes, clothes etc. instead be sure to have lots of puppy toys around if he picks up something he is not suppose to call him over tell him he is a goodboy and exchange what he has for one of his own toys. This servres two purposes one it enhanses his retrieving desire, and two it helps to guarentee that he wont hide somewhere and chew up your new hunting boots...or worse yet your wifes new shoes.


4)Age for shooting?


You are correct you do require his basic obedience. However before you try to hunt you your pup you will need to teach him a few more things. He will have to be introduced to the gun PROPERLY. Introduced to Birds correctley, and taught to WHOA on command. These are the basics of starting a pointing dog and are classed as yard work.If you do your training and work with your pup you should be able to start him in the feild between 7 and 8 months. Just to let you know I start my basic obedience at 8 weeks of age. Sits, stays, waits, recalls and heeling are in place by 12 weeks. This does not mean that the puppy is expected to do any of these for great time periods at this age, but he does know all of the commands and exercises...now its a matter of lenghtening them out as he matures.



Good Luck and Have FUN.

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Thanks NTTF nice advice,cheers mate.

only one more thing when he bites me i tell NO tap him on the nose & he thinks i'm playing & bites me again then gets real excited & scoots all over the place.so i'll try under the chin hope it works because its one thing i dont really want with kids about A DOG THAT BITES.

thanks a lot all you guys for your advice :yp: :)

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Hi Turk,

I've got a eight month GSP. I agree with all the things that have been mentioned previously but the one thing that I think that has been missed is the benefits of a puppy class.

Although they called puppy classes, they train you and your family to use the same commands thus training the dog the basics together day by day, It's essential that the dog is not confused by differing family members teaching him to sit in several different ways by. The class also teaches the dog to accept other dogs and strangers. I know that this breed is noted for good temperment but at eight months my dog (Spud) is just under 5 stone and could cause a lot of damage.

I have been taking Spud to the local clay pigeon shooting range to get him used to gun noise, he has no problems there.

I can recommend a good book that has helped us through "German Shorthaired Pointers Today by David Layton"

Lastly the best bit of advise that I can give you is have patience and tolerence dont expect too much too soon.

You could also contact Pointerman@lineone.net he runs a web site and forum just on GSP,s

All the best and keep your shoes on top of cupboards as window ledges are not high enough ask the missus. :lol:

Chris (rkidcj)

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Get a grip YP, We've got people moaning about swearing on the site because it gives the wrong impression, then you go telling people to "Give the swine a good belt with a shoe" What does that tell people? other than giving the impression of an ignorant bully.

Please leave the doggy advise to people who know and care (ie NTTF) and don't post rubbish advising people to beat their animals.

Cheers, Leigh. :yp:

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Vermin Dropper:

I believe that you have misconstude YP's meaning behind his post. I for one know for a fact that YP would never beat his animals or stand for the beating of an animal. He has great respect for all working animals, dogs, horses, ferrets no matter what disapline they excell in. Perhaps the wording in his post would have been better served as " give the swine a good swat with the shoe". This is a training method that has been around for years and is not meant to hurt the animal, but is meant to deter him from the chewing shoes habbit. It is not the method that I personally use, but as long as it is performed properly with no brutality to the animal it is acceptable.

Let us not start to fight amungst ourselves, or accuse anyone of things that may be the result of a misinterpetation. If we have questions of someones post let us contact that person and discuss it in a rational manner.


To all Happy New Year

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I didn't mean to sound as offensive as I did (soz YP) it was more of a dig at the old women types around here (you know who you are! ) who keep moaning about peoples language and post content. I agree one of the best ways to stop a dog chewing is to give them a quick "swat" with the thing they are chewing, but I think you will agree this has to be done correctly, with correct timing and not too much force. :lol:

you know as well as I do that some of the idiots who could read these posts could end up knocking seven shades of **** out of their dog with a steel toecap boot, and that's not to mention the pleasure the antis would get out of reading how "cruel" we are. :lol:


Anyhow, hope this clears things up a bit,

Peace and love brothers, Happy new year to you all. :yp:

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