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Hi everyone,


I looking to buy a new shotgun very soon however I want to ensure I get a shotgun that suits me. The trouble I'm having is with the shotguns I own and have previously owned I feel like I have to put my head down top far to look down the barrel.


I have been looking for solutions to this and from what I can see I would need to get a shotgun with an adjustable comb. I have also noticed that some have adjustable stocks - however not many.


Is it easy to convert a synthetic semi (I'm looking to buy a Winchester SX2 with a synthetic stock) to have a adjustable butt? or is it even possible? Its all new to me so any advice would be great.


I've been clay shooting around 10 times (I go around once a month) however I'm looking to improve my shooting. I am aware that more practice would help however I also feel that if I find a shotgun that fits me well, that would certainly help.


Thanks in advance! Hopefully you all know more than me :D

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Hi, if you want to go down the fitting route and I highly recommend it. You will be very lucky to get an 'off the peg' gun that fits. Those of us who can't afford custom made bespoke stocks can do the next best thing. I got an adjustable comb fitted by Doveridge Claysports Club resident gunsmith Simon. You send him your stock and he cuts a piece out of the comb and fits Krieghoff metalwork. Does a superb job and the comb can be adjusted,raised or lowered in height and moved from left to right. You can get the sight line down the rib bang on. Cost is around £200.00 about the same as a 100 bird tuition lesson! Call Simon first to discuss tel. 07816 918301.

Worth every penny, if the gun ain't shooting where you are looking you're waisting your time and ammo.

Good luck and staright shooting!


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Get a non-adjustable stock fitted correctly.


Adjustable stocks induce what I call 'the fiddle factor'. Once you miss a few birds you will constantly be thinking, was my stock to low/high?, was the cast correct? etc etc and forever changing it about and making excuses.


Been there, done that so speaking from experience.

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