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Tunnel boning or removing bones from game

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    Hi all


    I am thinking about doing a smaller version of HFW's ten bird roast. How do you go about removing the bones from the meat. I dont appear to be able to find anything online





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    Okay Scott this is how I do a stuffed rolled bird. When doing a multi bird roast I debone the same way and then layer the birds with a dressing inbetween and then roll them all at the end.


    My first bird took around 40 minutes to do but I can now debone a chicken in around 20 minutes....mind you it took a fare bit of practice to get there.


    Oh no I will give you a link to the directions in DIY.





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    Ok, a bit late I know but here goes.


    Went shooting on 17th Dec.


    In The Feather


    So after Skinning them as usuall the decisicon was made to try a Mini bird in a bird for new years eve.

    At the Mother-in-laws where we took every thing a 7lb Turkey was chosen as the doner bird and boned out as per article here.


    Next De-Boned the suffing birds and then stuck them up the turkey


    Then let the wife loose with the cooker and about 4 - 5 hrs later (on a low heat) this is what Dinner looked like while carving. Another pic of the carving


    Plated up looked Like this



    Twas a Wookcock, 3 pigeon breasts, Mallard & a Pheasant stuffed inside the turkey.

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