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feral pigeon shooting

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I know the pic's sideways on! but its starting to make my head hurt trying to spin it round :no:


214 birds shot for 500 cartridges to two guns!

40 wood pigeons, 3 carrion crows, loads of ferrals !!! :yes:

(I wish I could spell and use a pc :) ) I am better with a gun :lol:

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Good bag there Lord Ripon (if only). That is an unusually high ratio of ferals to wood pigeons.


As for the picture being turned round, fenboy has done the same for me a couple of times. 'Snipping tool?' Never heard of it.

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Thanks guys, I shot the same farm last year ending up with 215, but stopped shooting ferals after two hours bagging 60 ferals and the rest was woodys, this year I thought I would let the ferals have it big time! but it seemed like the woodys are put off by piles of mangled ferals in the decoy pattern???

in the end we were playing a game of who can shoot a feral into the back of the big shiny pick up truck , parked in the decoy pattern, they were that desperate to come in and play :lol:

hard day but someone's got to do it. B)

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