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19th for us too but a lot depends on the weather over the next few weeks. Temperatures dropping now so noticing a few birds drawing back for feed but it only takes a warm spell to set them off across the fields again!


Looking forward to beating mate... if evereything stays at it is, i'll do all shots... :)

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Our first day is the 2nd of November, we don't put are birds down until mid/late August.

Well it's finally here, time to get togged up and go meet the lads for a fry up.

Hopefully a good day lays ahead of us.

Will hopefully have some pics and a report on how we get on later this evening.

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Considering it was the first time through, the guns had some exceptionally good ( for Suffolk ) birds over them.

The breeze picked up steadily throughout the day and helped provide good testing sport for all the guns.

Total bag was 70 head for 212 shots, we were hoping for nearer 100 and with a stronger team of guns I think we would of got about that. We saw plenty of game and didn't go near 4 of our better drives so things are in good shape.

Give it another go in a fortnight with a different team of guns and see how we get on.


Bag consisted of

56 pheasants

11 red legs

3 various

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