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Deben Slim Electronic Shotgun Hearing Protection Ear Defenders.

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Deben Slim Electronic Shotgun Or Rifle Hearing Protection Ear Defender Muffs.


Colour: Green.


Deben's slim electronic hearing protection blocks out loud and harmful noise whilst slightly amplifying quieter sounds in stereo using dual microphones fitted in each cup.

Unique low profile 'microphone filters' reduce annoying wind noise to very low levels, whilst the new electronic circuitry ensures an even greater dynamic noise compression and extended battery life to over 300 hrs. An impressive 23dB SNR protection level and stainless steel headband improve both safety and comfort. The advanced circuitry enables the user to hear normally with a small measure of amplification giving benefit to wearers with impaired hearing. When subjected to impulse noise such as gunshot, protection is provided by the dynamic noise compression circuitry which limits the sound to 80dB at the ear.


Designed and manufactured in the UK.

23dB SNR protection level.

Battery life over 300 hrs.

Amplifiers quieter sounds in stereo.

Locking on/off volume controls.

Sound limited to 80dB (at the ear).

New 'Wind Filter' system.

External battery compartment - quick & easy to change.

2 x 1.5V N-Type batteries included (expiry date 2015).

CE Approved to PR EN 352-4:1996.


Please note these are the slimline model defender


I purchased this ear protection but never got around to using it.


Brand new in box.




Bank transfer or PayPal + charges.



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