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Many years ago i had a boxer bitch that would go crazy for hedgehogs. She would pick them up, and crunch them, and the more the spines hurt her the harder she would crunch, untill the hedgehog was nothing but pulp.She done a fox in at 6months old.But she just wanted to kill anything she met.

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There is a training program that I can write for you, however it does require the PROPER USE OF AN ELECTRIC COLLAR. All in all it will take you about 3 weeks one 15 to 20 minute session per day. This would mean that you will have to rent an electric collar with a small body reciever for roughly 4 weeks, 1st week the dog wears it off and on with no stimulation to get use to it. If you are interested let me know and I will type it up.

I run into this problem quite frequently over here. However it is not hedgehogs I must deal with it is rattlesnakes, and porcupines. It is not uncommon for a dog to take anywear from 20 to 200 quills in an encounter. Porkys quills come unattached when attacked and stick into the attacker with a double barbbed system hell of a mess to get them out. Dogs either learn in the first encounter to leave them alone, or develope an emmindate hate and will go out of there way to pounce on one until they go through a breaking program.

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Okay here goes.


Hedgehog Breaking Your Dog


You will require:

-a small holding cage slightly larger than a hedgehog

-a 14 foot diameter round chicken wire pen

-a live hedge hog. It is a good idea to collect 2 or 3 of these before you start your training. Keep them watered and fed in a suitalbe pen until training is finished and then you can release them.

-an electronic collar. It is my understanding that there are companys in England that rent collars if you do not own one or have other access to one.




Place the reciever collar on your dog for 3 to 4 hours per day. This way your dog will become comfortable wearing the collar and soon forget that he has it on. Do not leave the collar on for anymore than 6 hours in any given stretch.

On the last day of WEEK#1 you will need to choose the correct level of stimulation to work your dog. With the collar turned on and fitted to your dog, pree the lowest level of stimulation on the transmitter. If your dog does not respond, ( a responcecan be as simple as a slight shoulder movement, or head tilt), press the next level of stimulation and so on until your dog responds.

The lowest level that your dog responds at is the level that you would start your normal training at. However since we are training a behaviour modification, one where your dog is going to be very excited and motivated we will need to raise the level of stimulation up 2 to 3 levels. Exampl: the dog initially responds with a head tilt on low 3 for this exercise you will need to raise your stimulation level to medium 2 or 3.




To teach a dog that it does not want to mess around with hedgehogs, you need to teach him to ignore and move away from both sight and scent. You should start with sight and teach the dog to avoid any hedgehog that it sees.

To do this, place a hedgehog on the ground out in the open. A light chicken wire pen with a diameter of 14 feet works well to contain the hedgehog, and to give you and the dog enough area to work in as well. Place the hedgehog in the center of the pen before you enter with the dog on lead.

Have the dog approach the hedgehog from the upwind side. When the dog goes up to the hedgehog and puts its head down to investigate, immediately press the correct stimulation level button on the electronic collar transmitter.

If your collar has a momentary stimulation feature it is perfect for this purpose. Make sure the dog has seen the hedgehog and gotton very close to it before you press the transmitter buttons.

Be sure to keep a leash attatched to the dog during the initial encounter. This way you can pull your dog back if you find your stimulation level is not high enough, and that you must raise the level to achieve the correct response from the dog. If the dog does not jump sideways and back from the hedgehog raise your stimulation level.

Repeat this procedure at least 3 times per excercise, and at least in five locations over the course of the week. Remove the dogs leash once you have the correct collar level and the dog will move away from the hedgehog.




Hide a hedgehog in a small patch of cover. ( Build a small holding cage of wire slightly larger than the hedgehog.) Bring the dog upto the cover from the downwind side. Watch the dogs response to the scent of the Hedgehog. If the dog goes up to the site where the hedgehog is hidden, use the collar in the same manner as you did in WEEK#2. If the dog smells the hedgehog, and trys to avoid it, do not use the collar. Allow the dog to move away from the area, while you praise with a "good boy".

Repeat this procedure at least 3 times per session in atleast five locations over the course of the week.



At the end of the third week your dog should have developed a complete avoidance response to hedgehogs.


Good Luck and have FUN.....NTTF

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The above excercise can be accomplished using a training collar, (pinch collar), and some impeccable timing on your part. Run the exercises the same way, however instead of the electronic collar use a training collar, when you go to make your correction a sharp tug on the lead, yell NO, and pop the dog away from the hedgehog. IF you timing is spot on you will modify your dogs behaviour, but it is going to take time 3 to 4 weeks.


Again remember to have FUN.......NTTF

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