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New and in need of help


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Most forums are wary of new people registering and then immediately trying to sell things. It's worth remembering that people don't have to provide proof of who they are and it's easy to be a big man when you're not actually face to face. Glad you've stuck around

This is true. Scammers are a risk on any site sadly and in a way I'm glad of the 6 month rule! Having said that, almost all scams work on the promise of posting mythical gifts and I'm guessing posting puppies is probably unlikely to go down well anyway! Welcome to the forum, Immie. hope you stick around for a bit!


Hi Immie

As I recommended you I would be happy to advertise your pups for you.

I find the 6 month rule a bit crazy and have sent a PM to Admin asking why.

I find this site quite heavily moderated at times so deleting spam that get's through filters and onto the sales section shouldn't be a problem for the mods.

I never saw who was rude to you but whoever it was ought to wind their neck in.

Too many peds & keyboard warriors on here.


Edit: Immie is a young and very very kind lady for those who didn't know. also a fantastic dog trainer

Anyone who's a fantastic dog trainer is definitely a good person to have on a forum. share the knowledge! I've dropped you a pm about that, but in the meantime, welcome!

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Thanks everyone! I will update my profile and have now been given the go ahead to post about my pups. I've had calls today from Scotland and Cornwall (I am in Bedfordshire) so a bit nervous about them going so far but if they are the right homes then I will be happy with that. Thanks everyone. xx

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Thank you everyone, thanks to this site I have found an amazing home for one of my pups. Just one more to go! And if anyone has any advice on keeping a dog back for part training. I have to keep one pup till 6 months anyway so might as well train her the best I can. xx

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