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my daughters 1st ever shoot

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Had a great day with my daughter isla yesterday. Invited as a guest on my old syndicate and isla has been champing to go on a shoot day. Shez been cushie shooting before and loved it but i thought it may have been hard work but nay she had a ball, only wanted to come home once 2nd drive cos the hatch of buzzers above her were annoying her.


Only got wet on the last drive and is shown holding her dads pheasants(who shot half the bag btw) total bag was 7 and only the wild good fliers were shot at. Not out much the remainder due to spending time with my young family but if yesterday is what it will be like then will have a very happy dad.



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Can't get any better can it?








This is my daughter just turned 3 in the first picture about 4 in the second and this summer, 5 /12 (got to remember the 1/2) in the third. Won't be to long before she's having a shot or two. She helps me skin rabbits, pluck and prepare birds and enjoys eating them as well.

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Yeah its a great feeling, cracking fish btw.

Thanks. I try to get her out at least once a month (she'd go every day if she could) and the worst day so far was 2 fish so she does alright. She keeps asking to go lamping as she wants to shoot a fox but I don't think she would shut up for long enough to call one in :|

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Ha i would have the same problem,she keeps shouting with her defenders on. I personally would rather she was out with me than stuck in a house watching tv or a dvd and love all the questions. Her...Ooooh ooh dad dad bird....me.....yeah darling its another blackbird we cant shoot them.....her.... awwww.

Yeah, mine came out with me one morning when I was checking snares and I had the rifle with me. When we started heading home she complained that she hadn't had a shot. What ear defenders have you got for your daughter as I'm going to be getting some for mine but I'm struggling to find decent ones for a child?


Where roughly are you in Midlothian?

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Ahhh i see. The shoot is in lauder. Been going there since weve had it 18 years ago. Only done a few years beating mainly around heriot etc.

One of our grouse moors backed onto Lauder, I seem to remember finishing on the Lauder to Thirlstane road on some days. There used to be a good terrier and lurcher show in Lauder if I remember correctly. A friend of mine lived there a good few years ago and did quite a bit of terrier work in the area.

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