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Some of you may remember that at the start of the year I asked advice on taking over a shoot

with about 700 acre of bio mass willow.

Anyway we decided to give it a go after support from the guns and alot of hard work we had our first day the the 17th October, last years first day they got a bag of 9 with a best bag of 32

Our first day the bag was 52 everybody was delighted, so hopefully we can continue it on, on the 31st

My only worry is the partridges, I have been taking notes on a daily basis, regarding where the covey`s have been, time and weather, however there is no constancy, we only shoot 6 on the first day and we put 500 of each down (mainly because the phesants pen wouldnt hold any more, hopefully we will sort that out next year if it a success).

We just did not find them. I know it difficult without seeing it, but any advice?


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