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Shooting trousers


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I have the following trousers for sale, all have been worn once and washed once.


seeland keeper trousers size 54 (game carrier attachment not included because ive lost it) £70




deerhunter classic daytona boot trousers with deertex membrane (i think these are discontinued and the only specs i could find were off a french website) size 54 £70


La nouvelle gamme Daytona Classic vous offre un ensemble de chasse classique et élégant, robuste et de haute qualité. The new range Daytona Classic offers a range of classic and elegant hunting, robust and high quality. En coton renforcé de Polyester,elle intègrela membrane Deer-Tex®, coupe-vent, imperméablee et tres respirante. Reinforced Polyester cotton, it intègrela Deer-Tex ® membrane, windproof, breathable and very imperméablee.

Tous les articles de la gamme sont lavables en machine All products in the range are machine washable

Composition: 70% coton, 30% polyester Composition: 70% cotton, 30% polyester

· Pantalon botte avec membrane Deer-Tex® · Boot Pants with Deer-Tex ® membrane
· Poches sur le devant · Front pockets
· 2 poches arrière avec rabat et bouton-pression · 2 back pockets with flap and snap
· Poche pour couteau avec lanière pour l'attacher · Pocket knife with strap for attaching
· Taille réglable avec élastique · Adjustable waist with elastic
· Bas de jambe zippé · Low zipped leg



Harlika pro hunter trousers size 56 (need no introduction) £160


photos available on request but these are all pretty much 'as new'


cheers, mick.

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