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up date on the mk2 escort project

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Evening all not been on for a good while now with work and this project For those who asked on the last post here is an update we have been working hard on the old girl and it all starting to come together nicely we finnished some body work under sealed it white and fitted the wide body arches so we can fit a bigger back axel and have painted the engine bay interior and boot she should be fully painted this weekend all going well

Its been ALOT of work to get it to this stage but i think its well worth the long hours

What do you think

Atb andy








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That's really Nice work.

It's even got room for the Carlos Fandango wide wheels.

( there used to be an advert on tv for hamlet cigars where a guy in an anglia had massive wide wheels. He drove through a gate and the wheels got jambed in between the gate posts and and the axle was ripped off ) on youtube

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Thanks lads the car is getting a honda s2000 engine and box put in it so should get down the road prity smartly the suspention has been totaly reworked so a wider back axel can be fitted its main use will be a weekend toy and a bit of track car def going to paint on saturday morning so hopefully bits can start geting bolted on next week

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Looking good, one thing i have picked up on though is how the arches are fixed to the body - they look like they are rivited on? From previous expierience no matter what you do the rivet heads will show through the filler/primer/topcoat, they will not be obvious as soon as it is painted but give it a few weeks and they will appear as little circles.


Are the arches ali or steel, if steel its well worth a few hours with the mig to do it properly the 1st time, if ali look at the 3M structural 2K adhesive for a good bond with no flex.

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To answer a few questions its getting the honda unit as it has more bhp as standard and is a screemer the arches havent been blended as ghats how the rally ones are fitted they have been two packed on and rivited and will be painted over directly no fillerwill be used they are alloy arches and dunkeld i wish the bda engine i wish but 4-5 k it just way to much for a good un

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