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A new terrier, please help


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This dog is a serious digging dog. He will enter anywhere and try to kill whatever is in there,which is why you have to be careful where you let the dog hunt loose.He is dug to on a regular basis. I appreciate you not having these problems keeping plummers but when you have little dogs that are too game for there own health then you have to be responsible. I wouldnt put this dog out to stud to the majority of Border bitches but I would like something off him to hunt cover that was a bit large for getting to ground.This is not a money making venture I should add and our pure kc Borders are never sold but kept by ourselves which is why they are a good strain..I hope that clears things up..

What lines are these borders?? I keep a few workers myself

Jagdterrier fierce little workers.



Mostly with sh^te temperaments and the most expensive terrier about..IF you could find one bred out of stuff working to ground as most are oversize and used for Boar

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