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6 meter training leads - slip lead style


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Stop whistle, recall and quartering training leads


I Have for sale a number of specifically designed training leads. These have been designed by me to a certain specification that I thought would be benificial to my dogs training. There are a number of long training style training leads available but most if not all seem to be with a clip on the end to be used with a collar where as I wanted a slip lead style to be used for my gun dog training.


These are great for stop whistle, recall and quartering training and at 6 meters long are very versatile. They are great for sitting your dog up at any distance up to 6 meters, pipping your recall whistle and then guiding your dog straight back into you. You can also use it as a stop cord for reinforcing the stop whistle command as well as being great as a lunge cord to encourage your hunting dog to form a good tight hunting pattern whilst quartering infront and across you.


They have been manufactured for me within the UK and after a few training companions and friends having had one I have a limited number left over with the option to have some more made up.


£12.50 including PayPal fees and postage to the UK


Please message me for my PayPal address





(sorry the pictures are not fantastic)



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