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Wee Boxing Day Walk.

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Held away this morning with a cracking day although a hard frost overnight,which didnt lift much.First call was the MILs hopefully to get Mac his first woodcock.Flushed 7 altogether,dropping 2 but Mac didnt manage a shot at any with them flighting the wrong way or him being too slow but with the kind of ground its nay easy for him.Also had 2 hen pheasants and flushed dozens including one lot of 13 hens and 2 cocks which all flushed together.All wild on this bit and great to see that numbers and probably due to the cracking summer plus keeping the fox numbers doon.

Next was a drive of 8 miles to another place usually good for a bit of variety but only flushed pheasants.Mac was on the ball dropping 4 for 5 shots and we ended up with 6 from there.Fine to see the dugs working together and Jakes taking a lot of the workload off Rab,including a runner that made aboot 250 yards oot of sight but the wee fella came back with him.Didnt cover 1/3 of the ground and will save it for a New Years day,hopefully with a covering of sna.

After that held away to a wee pond,set up the hide and waited.The pond was iced over and was beginning to doubt the ducks were coming when a great wee flight started.Mixture of wigeon and mallard but with darkness well on i struggled to hit much of anything.Mac again was on the ball with the highlight being when around 20 wigeon came in to land and a high single came straight over and he dropped it stone dead.Picked 4 mallard and 1 wigeon and left with some still looking to come in.All in another top Boxing Days shooting.



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