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The £150 tank that is my baikel semi auto with 3 1/2" chamber handles them real big heavy goose loads real well you hardly notice it, but that what I would expect from a gun that weigh near 9lb but it the best gun I've shot so far, and it will even cycle them 21gram carts for clays and when your shooting my be 200 clays the weight comes in real handy


The best cheap gun imo

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Neil - what's your thoughts on the 1301 vs M2? Compare & contrast. If you could only have one what would you have?


Hi Mark


The 1301 is still new but it has some things I like & some things I don't.


First off let me say its no M2, but its a hell of a lot cheaper & a hell of a lot of gun for the money.


As we all know Beretta & Benelli are all from the same stable as it were & so share some common features, that are clear to see from the bolt head & other parts on the gun.


The M2 has better quality finishing but thats not to say the 1301 is in any way poor, its just that you can see where the money has been saved in manufacture when you look closely at them both side by side.


I like the 1301 for the fact its almost competition ready right out of the box, with oversize controls & a magazine extension, you don't need to be spending money & trying to source parts before you can compete, so as a gun for someone who just wants to buy & compete its great.


As is well documented the M2 has a great record for reliability within the PSG community & it is used by all of the top competitors currently this reliability comes largely from its inertia system that means the gun is much cleaner than regular gas operated semi-autos, my only fear for the 1301 is its gas system, its gas rings bear a similarity in design to the Remington 1100/1187 of old & these used to lead up heavily when using slugs.


I also don't like the squeaky bolt return spring that is housed around the magazine tube making the noise louder & it makes the action sound horrible, but that is being a bit picky as it seems to work ok.


The real test will come over time, as yet the 1301 has a long way to go to prove its up to the job but really at the price point its hard to beat.


My recommendation other than a pump gun for PSG would be if you can afford the M2 & the parts needed to get it up to speed then I would do that, if your budget conscious then the 1301 is what you should buy.



1301 bolt head shows some commonality with the Benelli but its actually welded to the action bars which is something I don't like.



Close up of the gas piston, the gas rings are slim like the 100/1187



I like the larger extractor cut in the fact the barrel extension is longer giving a good solid connection with the receiver.



The larger & beveled loading port is also a nice touch for a competition gun.



The trigger group is made cheaper though & I can see problems in here as things start to wear.



Hope that helps.



Edited by neil smith
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I love where the cocking handle is on that Akdal. A great impovement on the vepr/saiga. Is that your gun Neiil? Are there a lot of people shooting in the open division?


For now that Akdal belongs to a friend who shoots with four4islands but its probably the next shotgun Im looking to get.


I do like the Molot/Vepr but the cost of a competition ready one is very high & with our stupid 24" minimum length barrels the guys in Europe have a big advantage with handling, Open is very competitive outside of the UK.


The Akdal is just a hell of a lot of fun to use, whats encouraging is that the numbers of competitors in Open in the UK are starting to increase, this year 41 competitors shot Open Division in the four4islands championship series, which is a marked increase from last year.


I may be in there myself in the next year or two if I get a pay rise :whistling:



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Three pages & no pictures…….. :lol:


Better put that right…...



Beretta 1301



1301 & M2



Akdal 1919



Benelli M1



Semi-Autos are also good for girls, Sandra at the Bayern Cup



Ghost Load modification to M2 bolt.






Mr Smith your toy collection never disappoints! You should definitely get that Akdal 1919!!

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I have a beretta xplor light love it to bits never jams best shotgun I have ever owned.

One of the guys who shoots clays with us bought one the other week,it has the kick off,he has been struggling to hit much at the moment,i had a shot with it myself and found it was flat,so he is going to change the shims,were as mate bought the excell and its fine straight out of the box,the are dam fine guns,my maxus might be part exed before long :innocent:

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Proud to be a member of both Pump & Semi Club.


My offering:


Benelli M2 - 24" (Benelli Tactical bolt handle, GG&G bolt release, welded up lifter)


Browning Maxus Grade 3 - 26"


I love both of these guns, but I do have a soft spot for my M2.














I seem to remember having a go with both of those just the other day....................


Can't wait to try the Maxus once the adjustments have been made!



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Some very nice autos around. I will get a picture of my Browning gold, but its nothing to look at. In fact you have to be careful where you put it down.


Mark, your Ithica looks like another great find.


I am surprised that there are no more older autos. Does anyone have an original Auto 5? I've always fancied one for some reason.

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