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Dating a Laurona SbS

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Just impulse purchased my first shotgun and got a little Laurona 12ga SbS.


I've managed to find out what most of the markings on the barrel mean, but just wondered if there was a way of dating the gun, from the serial number perhaps.


Spent plenty of time on the Internet researching, but no luck so any info greatly appreciated.


Best regards,


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Ah yes, there is a very faint what looks like a 'Y' followed by the number 1.

It is a non-ejector, as for box lock or sidelock, I wouldn't know how to tell.

Many thanks for your help Triumphant59, I'd be grateful to know what I can about the gun.

Confirm that Y*1 is a 1979 gun one of the last sxs guns Laurona made. The action on a boxlock is straight where it meets the stock a sidelock has a curved action. My guess is yours will be a boxlock. My brother bought one new around 1977/8 and if memory serves me right it cost £95 the ejector was about £10 more. Although a plain looking gun they were similar quality to a AyA No3/4. The barrels were made of chrome steel which AyA only used on the No1!

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On 06/01/2014 at 23:05, triumphant59 said:

It will have a date code stamped on the barrel flats a letter followed by *1, often quite faint, let me know and I will tell u the year. Is it a boxlock or sidelock , ejector or non ejector?

Hi mine has a U*1 stamped on it. Any idea what year that makes it?



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