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no closed season - you would need them listed on your ticket or the AOLQ and a suitable calibre though (saying that there's no legal requirements on calibre AFAIK - though the police recommendation is .270/150grain and above i believe)

useful info here: http://www.wild-boar.org.uk/pdf/WildBoar_shooting.pdf

having said that i and and awful lot of other people use 6.5mm on them - it's all about shot placement.

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Stevie no seasons but and its a big but you shoot the wrong ones then you will get more problems, pigs are very social animals and all have a place in the family you shoot the lead animal and you then get a bunch of very destructive and unruly piggies causing havock.

leave the older sow when she has kiddies and mop up the younger boar, 50-60 kilo mark are great eaters and the correct sizes to be having away.

they are also fast learners, good luck and post pics, atb wayne

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Wild Boar, everyone seems to want to shoot them. After nights of waiting eventually one surprises you by suddenly appearing twenty yards in front of you. Once you've got your excitement under control you squeeze the trigger. Thwack, the pig drops to its knees ( if your lucky ) then rolls over with one back leg just twitching in the air.

Now the fun starts, if your hoping to shoot wild boar just be prepared for what comes next. They are usually much heavier than deer, often much more than one person can deal with on his own. Always have two knives as a blade is soon dulled by the grit and mud caked in the long course hair. If you can't get your vehicle close to the carcass you will have some fun, I have had to butcher em into quarters to get them out of difficult places. Once you have em back to a location for skinning you will want a decent pulley and hooks to get them air borne. Wild boar are great to hunt and taste good, we have quite a few around my way but many get caught out once they have shot one, especially a big fella.

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