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Hi All


Langstone and District Wildfowlers And Conservation Association (LADWACA) has filled most of its places for the forthcoming 2014 season, but has a handful of spaces remaining.

Although primarily a wildfowling club they also have rough/woodland shooting, offering snipe & pheasant (during the season), pigeon, crow, squirrel etc all year. (Some excellent roost shooting can be had during the early months of the year too :yes:). You can get more information about the club from the link below (which is the ladwaca website www.ladwaca.com).

Langstone Wildfowlers

If you have no access to any shooting, joining a club will introduce you to, and put you in the company of people who do. You don't need to live in Hampshire to join the club or get on the waiting list, we have members from London, Guildford and surrounding areas who go wildfowling or use the woodland areas we have for shooting. If you are already a member of a club or have existing shooting and are looking to expand your shooting then this could also be for you.

If you require any more info on joining then please PM me or reply to this thread. (or you can use the contact form on the website if you like!) :good:


All the best






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Hi All


We will shortly be closing the books for the coming season. If you are interested then please post on here, pm me or use the contact page on the clubs website. Once LADWACA has closed the books for the forthcoming season, no new memberships will be available.


Just to remind you a good quality wildfowling and woodland shooting available, full training given to novice guns.




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