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old airgun identification

mel b3

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hiya fellas,


at work today i was given an old airgun that one of the lads had found , i was pretty sure that it was a relum when i saw it and ive done a bit of searching and now im even more sure.

its marked , made in hungary and the serial number looks like 87681.


would anyone have any idea of the model or age please gents?.


the gun looks to have been in its original box and it also looks like it hasnt really been used , the spring certainly still feels very strong , the stock is in very good original condition for on old gun but the metal work is very rusty and the pitting seems quite bad especially underneath the barrel.


thanks in anticipation fellas , mel . :good:






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It's a Telly (or Jelly as they spelled it wrong on the badges!!


Here'sd mine with a darker stock :good:











To tackle the rust, get some wire wool, soak it in oil then rub at the rust- it'll make a big improvement :yes:




Nice find B)



John :)

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thanks again for the info fellas ,


myself and my lad had a plinking session in the garden yesterday , it brought back a few memories of years gone by , apart from pistol shooting , i think its the first time that ive used open sights in about 30 yrs , obviously my shooting is still far superior to the whipper snapper (but he was worryingly close) :yes: .


has anyone got any idea of the age of the gun from the serial number ?.


cheers , mel

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I still have my Relum Z11, that I bought in the early 60's. I changed the spring some years ago, which I had to cut down to fit. I've had various sights on it, both red dot and teles, but have gone back to open sights. It is still very accurate and has earned it's keep keeping down the squirrel, rat and pigeon populations over the years. This is my blog review. http://www.urbanfieldsportsman.com/index.php/the-rifles-cz-relum-177-springer/



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