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CCL Oil Finish


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Having previously used Tru-Oil to refinish a few gunstocks I thought I'd give CCL a try based on some posts from other PW'ers who've used it.


I'm using it on a nice AYA Yeoman with some decent figuring on the stock (rare for a Yeoman, I know). Not finished the process yet but early indications are good.


I'm impressed with the ease of use of the CCL oil, much less viscous than Tru-Oil and more forgiving, but will take quite a lot longer to finish the process (more stages). That said, if it's worth doing, it's worth doing right.


I'll post up some pics once the stock is done.

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I refinish a fair few stocks. I find blending my own oils is best. BLO heavy blend will give you grainier pop. Ccl is fine but you pay a lot for some alkanet oil (darkens the grain and reddens the wood) some hardener and a blo mix. Could get that all seperate for the same price but would make loads

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