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I've recently been considering getting a .410 and I see there are quite a few hushpower's around.


I've not really had any dealings with hushpower guns before, but my question is can you use standard cartridges in them or do they only take special cartridges for hushpower which I'm guessing would probably be more expensive.


Thanks in advance.

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The manufacturer used to recommend fibre wads only, as there was a worry about plaswads getting caught and causing an obstruction. I know they were considering relaxing this advice, not sure how it stands at the moment (I just use fibre still).

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You can use any cart but only sub sonics if you want the gun to ' hushpower'

That's not strictly true lyalvale 2.5" are as quiet/quieter than eley 3" subsonics, apparently they run at about 1087fps even though they should be 1300. I always used them in my old baikal hushpower and found extremely quiet, better than the 3" subs. Although I've recently got a pedretti hushpower and eley's are stupidly quiet through it, got 250 with it so not tried any others through it yet.

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