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Discounted Shooting Lessons.

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I'm a professional freelance shooting instructor accredited by APSI and the CPSA. I've worked at some of the most famous grounds in Great Britain including West London Shooting School and Bisley Shooting Ground.

I have recently moved to Lichfield in Staffordshire and I've decided to offer some discounted shooting lessons to the members of PW.

So the deals:
One hour lesson for £25 plus clays and cartridges.

Gun fit for £35 plus clays and cartridges.

Kids lessons £20 per hour plus clays and cartridges. Ideal school holiday/half term entertainment!

I will provide any guns and cartridges if needed.

PM if you would like to know more.



Please note: If you want to make use of the PW discount the first lesson must be booked via PM by an established member.

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I'm gutted Daf! I live in Berkshire and was hoping to come see you in the not to distant future.


Will have to find someone else now. I heard good things about you

Mark if you want some recommendations in the area please PM me or I still do lessons at West London Shooting School but they are at the grounds prices not my private ones.

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There are a few grounds around here. I have been using Carl but he is getting very busy and the waiting list longer. There is a market around here to tap into. I may have a couple of other chaps who would go too, to make up numbers.

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