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Discounted Shooting Lessons.

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The thread is a (long running) self-explanatory offer by a member, who is a coach/instructor, to give discounted lessons to other members. It isn't a general thread asking for general advice about which coaches are good. I think that's why you were asked the question.


It's got nothing to do with me either way, and I don't care. I'm just explaining what I think he meant by the question, seeing as you asked and he didn't answer.

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Cheers Pothunter, you're right that's why I asked as it was indeed the title of the thread.


All I know is, Daf will be back giving lessons at the West London Shooting Ground and they are most certainly not cheap there. So the question of quality of Daf's lessons really shouldn't be asked because WLSG wouldn't have him if he was poor.


Grab a bargain while you can folks.

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Daf, is this offer still on?


Long story short could do with a gun fit/lesson for me, as in two minds wether to buy a new gun or not!


And lesson with my wife. I have got to get her a 20 gauge first though! Or do you have them so she could try? A select few? Preferably cheep ones!



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