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My new project. Hatsan Escort Magnum with MPA/Tacticool bits.


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I bought this from a very nice fella and decide I wanted to (eventually) remove the mossy oak breakup as it is looking tatty, possibly cerakote it and add some tacticool gucci features because I'm a gear tart and even in the forces I'd always want the fanciest stuff.


So far, I ordered the MPA escort stock from edgar brothers through my local shop. For those wondering it's £40 RRP which is what I got it for. You may get it for less or more depending on your shop. If you buy it, you also need the shorter stock bolt which was included in the price.


Fitting was a pain because the stock, although it had good access through the 2 cartridge holder thingy hole, the bolt is long through the nut so you need a very deep 13mm socket. I ended up sticking my spare spacers in too as the butt pad on the MPA stock is much slimmer than the one provided with my mark one escort.



Next is a 11mm dovetail to picatinny/weaver mount for the receiver and a holographic parallax free red dot to see how this works with my gun, because I think the clay/hunting community is extremely closed off to new things (semi autos for one) and i'd like to see more sighting systems on guns appearing in these settings. And before you say it, I know a bead or rib (or nothing at all) works just as well, but there must be some benefit to point shooting with a floating red dot. Even the yanks are jumping on this with their pistols - I think there must be some advantages.


I've also ordered a side saddle 6 cartridge holder for the reciever which bolts through the holes where your normal drift pins sit for your trigger group. This was from knight armory in the US.


Next I want the MPA cocking handle as it's way less sharp on my fingers than the normal escort 'comma' style and is knurled which looks nice. This is £10. I also will order the newer fluted end cap for just in front of the foregrip with the swivel attached. I already have a two point bungee sling.


Anyway - picture (bear in mind colour is subject to change)





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Nice project! How will you fix the scope rail? those dovetail/weaver adapters will raise your line of sight considerably and may make it awkward to use unless you raise the comb.

Reason being I did a similar thing with mine and attached a picatinny rail direct to gun.

Beware though! if you drill/tap the action/barrel surely it will require reproofing if you want to sell the gun?

I fitted a red dot to my escort just as a bit of fun but soon removed it as it didnt suit me. The point of a shotgun is quick instinctive shooting.

Let us know how the cerocote paint job goes with pics of course.

Thanks for posting,

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The pistol grip really adds to how 'pointable' the gun is. Plus when walking around my massive permission it's a bit more comfortable and I feel like it takes even more recoil away. It's not just for looks plus it's very chunky although the last ditch two cart holder is a bit redundant unless the dead rise up!


I bought a specific mount that takes 11 mm to weaver rail and requires no drilling. It also is very flat and I think may suit my shooting position on the new stock. If not I will get a universal comb. I am researching hydro dip removal.

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If you like it, then crack on I say :yes:


If you go down the route of a sight you could also shoot slugs (as in shells not the garden pest) and when you've done re-inventing the large calibre 'rifle' you'll realise there's a reason things are as they are. Personally, I think you're backing a loser but as I said; if you're happy with it.....

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Interested in this post. I'm on a similar gig...


My lad often uses my hatsan hide gun on clays but it's too long for him. Was considering the telescopic MPA stock so it could fit us both. Did the MPA stock fit straight on without any mods or was it slightly different?


BTW I have a variation in for Sec 1 magazine. Anyone know if the MPA 9+1 or 7+1 mag tube fits the std escort?


Thanks Folks & Regards, Mark.


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Just ruined a good gun i say! :no:

I tend to agree....


I wanted to "tactical-ise" my Mossberg pump just because I can. Put an ATI heatshield on it, six shell side saddle and magpul M-LOK forend on it. All I can say is that after about 3 weeks, the heatshield is in the bin as it moved on recoil, the side saddle has been taken off as it screwed the guns balance up and the Magpul forend is going on ebay as it rattled and creaked when used.


She is now back to her former glory with wood furniture and no longer looks like a NERF gun....


But each to their own, post up some pics when your finished with it!

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