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Hi all


I have a sako quad with a 22lr barrel and 17hmr barrel.

Just wondering what set ups anyone else have with this particular rifle and calibre's and how they find changing the barrels and whether or not they hold there zero.


I have mine set up with leupold QRW rings on a weaver rail, with yukon photon for the .22lr and simmons wtc for .17hmr.


Changing barrel and scope is simple but haven't had the chance to really test whether it holds the zeros ok.


Any advice on the set ups or any other set ups which up better or work well for you please let me know thanks.

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When i had mine i had the .22lr and .17HMR barrels. I fitted it with an MTC Viper scope and the mounts that came with it were JUST high enough to let the barrels come out without having to take the scope off. It did hold zero after swapping the barrels out and back :good:

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It would be different for every gun/scope combination, and probably slightly different even with the same make model scope/rings. IIRC i had to dial my scope from a 20m zero with the .22lr barrel 8 clicks up and 5 right to give a 100m zero with the 17HMR barrel but i've no idea what that would translate to both barrels shot at the same distance. I used to have the adjustment taped to the scope cover

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