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Suzuki SX4 Boot Load Liner.

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Suzuki SX4 Boot Load Liner.




Protect the boot of your car


If you're into shooting, watersports, hiking or gardening and use the boot of your car to transport your wet and muddy gear or garden rubbish, the carpet in your boot can become dirty and badly stained in no time. Even an innocent trip to the supermarket can lead to a number of nasty chemicals being spilled onto the carpet of your vehicle's boot.


This tailored boot liner has a raised lip all the way around it to catch any spills and prevent dirt from working its way underneath, keeping your boot carpet carpet clean and protected.


A dirty or stained carpet in the boot of your vehicle not only looks unattractive but can also reduce the value of the car.


Purchased for my 2012 reg Suzuki SX4 but was never used.


£25.00 delivered.


Bank transfer or paypal (buyer pays charges)


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