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Well, I wasn't far wrong there, they took 1st, 2nd & 3rd in the mens event.


Some good scores there from UK shooters, i hope they all enjoyed the event.


I notice they were paying out to 75th place, poor old George came 76th..!!



Cheryl Hall won the ladies..... :)



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Great effort Will & good on you for going :good: :good: :good: Hope you enjoyed it ??? My claim to fame (one off) is having a higher score on one of the charity shoots :ninja: - can I have your autograph this year Will, as I can see you up there with the best with your dedication :good: :good: :good: Digweed was at our local ground years ago & very down to earth :yes:

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5 British women in the top 10,


Excellent shooting

Rank Prize in USD 1 $50,000.00 2 $25,000.00 3 $20,000.00 4 $15,000.00 5 $10,000.00 6 $8,000.00

Not bad prize money for Cheryl,


Womens paid down to 40th which was $2000


Mens Prize money


Rank Prize in USD 1 $200,000.00 2 $100,000.00 3 $50,000.00 4 $25,000.00 5 $20,000.00 6 $15,000.00


Mens paid down to 75th which was also $2000



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Hey Will,


Excellent shooting mate, sorry we didn't meet up, I didn't even get to the event as I was convalescing after my stay in hospital.


If you're out here again next year I'll come and watch you win!!!


Kind rgds,



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Top thread and good to hear how it is for the better shotgunners who go to these events.

Sounds very hard going and top man Will to have a crack.

You're right. Top bananas to those 'intermediate' shooters who had the balls to have a go at such a difficult and public shoot.


Hats off to them. good.gif.pagespeed.ce.PoYRIVsMjL.gif


They have all 'won'.

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This is one of the very best ways to really test yourselves and take youself away from your comfort zone.It is very easy to be a first class shot if you only go to a couple of grounds, the real knowledge comes when you start to visit other grounds. My advise to anyone who really wants to become a good shot is to visit as many grounds as you can, don't wait untill one of your pals suggests it, go and do it. Your score will without doubt plunge but with your extra confidence will soon go up again. Then do some England Team selection shoots and book yourself onto the English or British Open. If this sounds a tad to fast for you just go and watch, it cost nowt and will definatly raise your game. from Auntie.

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So what was it like people are asking, I'll start from the start.

Arriving at Manchester airport my gun was swiftly processed by security and taken away so it would travel with me with the rest of the cargo took about 15 mins.


After a long and turbulent flight that was delayed because of sand storms in dubai it took an age for us to land, once we were in the airport and collected the luggage my thoughts were where the hell do i get my gun? There were Nad Al Sheba dessert shooting signs so I follwed them until I reached an area full of other shooters and there families all looking rather fed up.

Official Nad al Sheba staff and dubai police were conducting all the necessary paper work to know who's gun belonged to who and to cross check the serial numbers that were originally given. It took me nearly 2 hours!!! I won't go into depth but it's was extremely chaotic and not professionaly organised. However other people that came earlier in the week had no problems at all in sorting the paper work out.


I took a taxi to and from the shooting ground as our hotel wasn't on the list that had free transportation which cost about £35 per day £180 in total (ish)

On the first day which was the training day I went to the large marquee to get my ID badge then to another part of the complex for my badge number and token which was unique to getting my gun from the armoury area, most of this I had to ask other peoples help as I wasn't informed beforehand in what to do when I got there.


Once the gun was retrieved and put together in the armoury area I headed off to layout 4 (4 layouts in total) to meet up with my other squad members.

5 stands in each layout , 3 traps in each stand, so each stand had 5 simo pairs of various distance, heights and angles. I'd say 65% or so were at some distant and the rest were close(ish) but all the traps were fully wound to its max or close to it so it would make the clay come out extremely fast!


Once the practise was over the following next 4 days of the competition was the same procedure, but of course all the targets were set differently again :/

Back onto layout 4 and some of the targets that were presented were mind boggling far and fast to the point I wonder if a shot would get that far, it was extremely satisfying to prove it possible to kill at distance whilst giving it bonkers amount of lead, and the pause between the bang of the gun to when it smashes the clay!!!

It didn't take long to do one layout about an hour or so, each stand had a cool box with ice cold bottled water and energy drinks at your disposal.

The weather played a part into everyone's scores, but that's sporting for you it applies to wherever you shoot in the world, unless your indoors of course.


What made the birds difficult for me was the sheer speed of them comming out, by the time I've seen the bird and shot it the other is either at some distance away or already lying on the sand. That's the fun and challenging part as well to be even extra quick with hand eye co-ordination.


To sum it up the shooting itself is very good, great facilities, great ground staff with very comfortable surroundings. However the lack of communication with parts of the event was frustrating, even the gala meal most of us didn't have a clue where or when it was held, had to rely on social media for that.

Yes I will go back next year :)

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Great write up Will, glad you enjoyed it and looking at the scores you were more than respectable, In front of a lot more experienced shooters and not far behind some big names in the sport.

Still not for me though.


Mr Potter

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