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Feeding dogs

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Collared this one from another forum .


Do an of you fellas use a feed stand for your dogs , so that the bowl is raised off the floor . Rumour has it that it stops the dog "woofing" there food down . Also is supposed to stop em sucking air to stop em bloating .

So this evening the Lemmy is going to have his bowl raised for his tea . I'll post my own findings on this one .


all the best yis yp :beer:

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I think raising the bowl does slow the dog down, this is mostly due to the fact that that the neck and throat are on a differant angle. The slower that they eat the less air they swallow wich in turn lessens the chance of them throwing it back up and or bloating....and as I said it keeps the bowl cleaner...if you have a male urinator you will understand this point.

I had a bitch that use to eat her food so fast that she would throw up everynight, raised her food dish and she never threw up again....wish someone had told me about it earlier though, what a mess and the smell..... :beer::beer: :yp:

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