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Chitting Barley

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Friday saw us setting out after the rain at 09.30 and going back the the barley field. Now this is the fifth week we have shot this farm and we knew that the birds would be getting wise to our tricks by now but we had to have a go just because of the volume of birds that are still present around.The field was very wet due to the heavy rain and the barley had started to chit in the heads. We watched the fields for a good twenty minutes and nothing was moving just sitting in trees. We decided to set up on the down wind section of the boundary fence and try our luck . We set up with twelve thawed birds ten on spikes and two on the magnet and waited. the sun was very bright and from our backs ,it took about ten minutes for the first bird to come near and it flared off not interested with the decoys. The next bird in came straight in and we started to shoot a few as the shots were spooking them out of the trees. They were very flocked and would not break away from the tight groups and would pass over us very high with the lower birds at the back which we were able to drop. It was all over at 15.30 and we picked up seventy five pigeons and two jackdaws. Out of these only about ten committed to the decoy pattern the rest just passed over high.


Saturday saw us heading out at 09.00 and as soon as we left the warmth of the city we drove into thick fog and no wind , We decided to have a look at our rape fields and as we drove around we could see a few birds sitting in trees but no birds actually feeding . We ended up on some new permission that we had obtained via a recommendation from one of our farmers so we decided to have a chat with the new farmer and walk the land which is thirty acres of rape to get a feel for the possible flightlines etc also I was looking for the ferreting potential. It was now 12.00 and the fog had not lifted so we started to walk around the full perimeter of the fields then across the centre. We disturbed a few birds out of trees but not enough to set up for . We decide to call it a day and headed home as the fog started to drop down again.










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