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CZ  452 style


.22 LR Rifle Private Seller
Used - Excellent Condition Rotherham, South Yorkshire
Bolt Action
Dsc_0026_1?1416912885 Dsc_0027_1?1416912886 Dsc_0028_1?1416912887


Here is my CZ 22lr. This gun is approx 4yrs old, I'm the second owner and have had it for 18months but not used it for over a year. I'm selling due to non use of it, and I much prefer my 17hmr. As much as I like the gun it's just dead money sat doing nothing. I will only sell the gun complete as I have no use for the scope. I have the box for the rifle also. In the time I've owned it I've put about 250 rounds through it and the previous owner about the same as he didn't use it much either. This gun is still very tidy and clean no real marks on the stock or barrel. This rifle includes a 4 shot and 10 shot magazine and about 100 rounds if wanted.


This gun is being sold by Pigeon Watch member bunnybasher84. Message them here


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It's a nikko stirling 6-24x56 nighteater milldot reticle scope I've got the same on my 17hmr and on both rifles they're very accurate My 17hmr hasn't been adjusted for 3 years and it's still pin point accuracy. Think I've got the box for it somewhere and the range finder wheel which isn't on at the moment.

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