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Any decent pooch pics in here

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Here's mineHighCupNick-9April2011131.jpg

She has one helluva pedigree but we've never been able to breed from her after she picked up a massive uterus infection from a stud dog which meant she had to undergo an emergency hysterectomy to save her life some years ago.

I bought her from the litter of a Fell pack of Borders in Egremont 10 years ago and took her beating on a regular basis where she learned everything she knows. She stops and returns to the whistle and retrieves pheasants, ducks from the pond and on two occasions geese from the river Eden. She will go for rabbits but loses interest in them fairly quick, ditto for pigeons as the fine feathers clog her mouth. She works hedgerows and gullies and has a fabulous nose and is just about the hardest worker on our shoot.

She loves ratting but doesn't love my ferrets, so they're kept apart now, after a couple of close shaves.

She sleeps on my daughters bed and can often be found under the blankets with her head on the pillow, panting like a bellows cos she can't be bothered to get out. I love her to bits.

Edited to add, she kills chickens for fun so is kept on the lead going through farmyards. :yes:

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