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I've recently had my cert back with a new slot for a 243.

I'm after a good rifle that will last a very long time as I don't want to be changing it anytime soon.

I've been looking at tikka sako etc, and like the look of the M595.

Does anyone have any feedback on these rifles?

Does anyone know of anyone with one thinking of parting with it?

Or does anyone have another type of rifle which they are thinking of selling?


Any help info on any rifle in 243 would be appreciated.


Many thanks

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If your keeping for a very long time then I would be looking for a new rifle. The 243 burns barrels a little quicker than most so its rather pot luck on the second hand market unless you know the history and true shot count.


I have a M595 and was lucky that the guy I bought from was OK on round count. Had to spend a little to get a few bits put right but now a good gun.


New, I would look at the T3 as I like them.

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dont be put off by second hand rifles

very few, and I mean VERY few people put enough rounds through a barrel to "Burn it" out


volume is not the issue

high number strings where 20-30 rounds might get put through in a short period at a range are much much worse


I have had three 2nd hand 243's none of them made before the 1980's

all shot extremely well


I have an older Tikka in 300WM

much nicer rifle than any of the newer ones

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