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reproofing jacket

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Hi all can anyone help me ? I have a DEERHUNTER jacket that needs reproofing, I wore it on a realy wet day thinking that it was still water proof. Having had it a number of years but not worn it to many times. Needless to say, to my surprise it leeked , so I would welcome any ideas how to rewaterproof my jacket.

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If your jacket leaks it may be time to replace it. Stuff like Nikwax adds water repellancy which causes the water to bead and run off. A saturated jacket doesn't breath so the repellancy is important to allow goretex etc to breath. However if the jacket is leaking then perhaps the fabric is worn or the seam tape has perished. Nikwax will help and isn't very costly. However I've never found it a cure.


Some fabrics just need a warm tumble dry to rejuvenate the wr coating. Perhaps give that a try.

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How clean is it?

If it is breathable and dirty that will let water through.

+1 however if that doesnt work maybe time to buy new - they're very expensive though - must be to do with the word shooting or hunting - whatever

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