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Price of venison?


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Building my own cold room was my best move , it removes the need to get rid of the carcass asap especially in the warmer months , & helps him by only having to call once a week to empty it & having good quality venison ..a cold room is obviously not an option for every one but if you shoot any amount of deer it is a huge help ..

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Have to add the cold room I built cost no more than £ 550 .. Second hand 4x2 , load of cellotex off cuts , few sheets of 12 mm ply , few sheets white plastic to line the walls , made a couple of hanging rails , second hand fridge plant which was surprisingly easy to find , couple of days putting it together , then gassed up and it's running ..the most expensive part was the gassing up , think it was about £250 ...holds 10 fallow easy but have had 14 at a squeeze ..

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