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Cleveland Police - Top marks!

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Just a few words to give some credit to Cleveland Police. Sometimes I hear horror stories of other forces taking an age to deal with things and forget just how lucky we are here. When my FAC was granted about this time a year ago, I had ideas originally of using certain rifles for pest control and had added a .22lr and .17HMR along with my target rifles etc. Anyway, the HMR was never purchased, the .22LR does everything I need up to maybe 120yds or so and is much quieter than my friends HMR. With thoughts to using the next rifle for both pest/vermin up to maybe 300+ yards and for targets as well I put in a variation to have the HMR removed and a .204 ruger CF rifle added in it's place. Put in a one-for-one on my current semi-auto .22lr for a bolt action so I don't have to go without a gun and upped my ammo amounts a bit and also hopefully have my ticket opened up.


Posted on 17th, cheque cashed 19th and licence back in my hands with everything sorted by the 24th. One week from postbox to letterbox. Amazing.


Very happy. Just thought I'd share. Seems not all forces are equal. I honestly have a huge amount of sympathy for those of you that are waiting months on end etc. I can barely imagine how frustrating it must be.

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Well, strictly speaking I currently have 2 x .22lr rifle slots as opposed to my old single slot, this was done so that I could purchase a .22lr bolt-action whilst I still have my old rifle on my ticket meaning I didn't have to be without a rifle. I also thought that upping the ammo limits would be a requirement but I see it's more a condition. Means I won't have to wait to sell rifle then reapply for slot. Worded badly I guess, not a 1-4-1 as such on the .22LR, only on the HMR.

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Excellent idea to swap your semi auto for a bolt, in my opinion its much safer if your shooting at night possibly in a group (I don't know if that's the case) and quieter (sure some may disagree but that's my thoughts)


And it seems you are either a very wise man or you had an epiphany!........ swapping the limited range and temperamental ammo of a HMR for the fantastic .204 is a really good move if you don't shoot it that often that the extra ammo cost will hurt you (I don't know if that's the case)


You sound a great guy (I don't know if that's the case).....................lol

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they were also spot on with me there had been a mix up and my paper work was lost i rang up t check and this was when they had just changed the forms so he asked me to fill out again and they expedited my sgc to me and apologized about the mishap

cant ask for fairer than that as every one makes mistakes

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