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Needed some cartridges for pigeon shooting so I popped into my local gunshop today. I`ve generally used pigeon power or clear pigeon but today rather than asking by brand I just asked what he had in a size 6 shot. Bottom of his price range were the 29gm Velocities, as I use Velocity and Velocity+ for most of my clay shooting I thought I`d give them a whirl.


Have been out on the stubble this afternoon and gone through a couple of boxes. Have to say I`m quite taken by them. They seemed to me to be quite soft but had plenty of power to drop birds to at least 40 yards. Relatively cheap too at £48 per slab for fibre wads.


Anyone else use/used them?

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I have used these for years, but I find I can't obtain them from my local gunshop. they're not on the product list from Gamebore apparently (I have looked too)

readily available from other places though.


Other than that I have found them to be very good. I think you need to get through quite a few in order to 'get used to them'

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