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Need a quick set of opinions ,

Which gun would members buy out of following all 28" barrel multi chokes .


1- browning medalist

2- lanber

3-Wembley Scott 912


Just want gun opinions not about which ever fits


Cheers guys

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Ok my view for what it's worth.


Lanber had lots of guises some good some rather rough around the edges in sub £500 bracket a good Lanber is hard to beat.


Medalist or what it really is a FIAS Italian made gun in 20 bore handles well in 12 they are often poorly balanced especially with 30" barrels ruining handling reliable well made gun for the money.


Webley I dislike there look the handling (feel very dead) I just wouldn't go there.

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The Medallist in 12g has a terrible reputation for snapping ejectors. Of the 3 I've known amongst friends and 1 identical Sabatti (FIAS), 2 suffered broken ejectors.


Later Lanbers seem to be reliable and solid and as the Turkish built guns are pretty iffy by reputation I'd go with Lanber.

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The Browning all day long-it may well be a FIAS/Sabatti but its a good gun that will hold its value-I have a FIAS that is identical in every way to the Browning so you could go down that route-mine was £100 from memory and , after having the chokes opened to SK & 1/4 I had my highest ever score with her last week.

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