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Youv'e got to read up the reloading manuals really. there are lots of powders that will work well in 223. I have tried a lot, reloader 12, H335. blc2 but I use 55grn with H4895 because it is a slower burn and gets the mass on the move up to a high velocity. if you are using a 40 or 50 you could use 4198 or reloader 7. but read the reloading tables and work a load up to suit your gun.

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N133 is my first choice for bullets in the 40-55 range. It is a great powder and used by many competition shooters.


A very clean powder to use, my barrels always come up clean with very few patches. Far too much is made of powder choice though in my opinion, use one that has historically been good in a .223 like N133 or some of the others mentioned here like H4895 and dont look back. You accuracy will come from seating depth, optimum powder charge and neck tension.


Dont waste forever chasing a magic powder, there are plenty of good powders for that caliber, choose a one that your local stockist carries all the time, that way you will have continuity of supply.

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