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Tikka T3 or Browning Xbolt

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The only problem I have with Tikka plastic bits is the magazine(plastic)is that it is a single stack, only holds three rounds and can't be top loaded, the bolt shroud (plastic) can easily crack, but metal replacements can be bought :) and the stocks and trigger guards feel very toyish and hollow, I'm not knocking the accuracy and they are popular, but do absolutely nothing for me.

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I have two t3 stainless synthetic, one .223 one .204, also a stainless synthetic x bolt. 243 and they all get used a lot in all weather's. I have no complaints about any of them, all have decent triggers and were very accurate straight out the box. The x bolt shoots 100g ppu m.o.a all day. The bolts are nice and smooth to use and I'd buy any of them again no problem. The .223 is getting on for 5000 rounds and going strong.

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Not owned an X-Bolt, but been tempted... I've owned 2 Tikka T3's, and loved them both. Other than the plastic mags, I haven't noticed the other plastic bits much. And you can buy a 6 round mag easy enough. Albeit, they should be included in my opinion...

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Tikka sako Sauer I would happily Buy. Had a x bolt it was accurate but the mag is plastic feeds terrible and customer service is a joke. Had s problem with my sauer the stock wasn't cut correctly they sorted it and gave me a £160 knife and a £120 rifle sling

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Okay, this happens. I bought one of the early x bolts in 243. Out of the box the bolt slide was a joy, the feel of the rubberised stock was warm in the hand and didn't feel cheap or plasticky. Many years later the coating still looks as good as day one. The barrel float and alignment in the fore-end were both good. I didn't like the plastic magazine.


However, the trigger was pretty awful even after adjusting and needed the attention of a gunsmith, so too the crown. It looked like it had been cut with a dremel by a six year old. Both now addressed.


It was dreadful with any factory ammo, 2" groups at 100 yards was the norm, even off bags. Yes, it was a sporting barrel but it should have been more capable than that. Only until I started reloading could I develop a load that suited the rifle and now 1/2" groups are achievable but only by using powder charges at the very low end of the scale and in some instances very slightly below recommended minimums.


Would I buy another? No. Do I wish I bought the Sako or perhaps the Tikka? Yes. But the rifle, after much work, is now accurate with a decent crown and tigger, a hand developed load is very accurate and reliable. The magazine has recently started to play up though.


Of course, it is entirely possible I bought a duffer, or an early model which had issues that Browning has now resolved. Either way, it's worth sharing my experience so that your choice is more informed.

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