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Sx3 shooting high

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I was getting a little annoyed that I kept missing pigeons that had landed in the pattern. Subsequently I pattern platted my winchester Sx3 and it shoots about a foot higher than my point of aim. Is this normal, have I got a problem with gun fit. I know most guns shoot a bit high but this seems quite a lot.

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How much of the rib are you seeing?


Does the stock come with any shims? It should have and if you swap or add as required can drop the centre of the pattern down to point of aim at 50 yards.


I believe the relevant shims are numbered 1 and or 3.

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You don't have shims that will do this in the box

Better learn it and live with it

I do as does my 16 year old daughter with a high almost embarrassing proficiency lol

That's funny. I needed to drop my Maxus stock but wasn't sure if I needed to also alter the cast. As only one of each shim comes with the gun which proved to be insufficient, I ordered one more of each of the two I thought I might need. By mistake i was sent the equivelent two for the Sx3. Should the same apply to the Sx3 as it does to the Maxus, then fitting two is the max'.

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1 hour ago, pull2007 said:

Will £10 buy them?

Something odd about this thread, an hour ago you posted a reply to spider man’s post (8 hours ago) requesting to buy them for £10, strange thing is you posted on a 5 year old thread but spider man as not posted on this thread?? how did you mange that or am I missing something?

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Ideally it should out 60 % of the shot above the bead and 40 below. 

Try shooting it again and see if it's still hight then try the shims. A quick way to check is with bits of old bank card, slacken the stock and put a sliver in the gap at the top between the action and stock nip it back up and see where it patterns.

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