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I wanted to get the Wolf XD rustproofed before the Winter.

I had had a look at different products and settled on Dinitrol. Partly because it had such a good write up and partly because the inside of the chassis should have been dinitrolled in the army.

Had some problems finding anywhere locally that do Dinitrol that anyone recommended. Didn't go to a few places as they said it could all be done in one day. Some of the treatments need six hours drying, so didn't want it rushing.

Was at the Landy Shack in Crewe and the owner fortunatley had a friend near Bedworth who does the complete Dinitrol rustproofing who he said would do a good job and not scimp on it.

Got in touch and arranged to take the Wolf down on Tuesday and collect on Saturday as they needed it 4-5 days to do the thorough clean, dry and treat it all including inside door pillars etc.

Lovely chap called James saw to it all. Took some photos of it during the process to show me when we collected. Very pleased with the result.

This system is used to treat taxis and they are recommended to be redone every 5 years, so should last me for while.

If anyone is interested pm me for James number.

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ouch !

That wasn't the most expensive quote by any means. I can't do it myself, so for me it was reasonable as I intend to keep the Wolf till I stop driving.


I envy you having the skills to do lots of this stuff yourself.


Lots of hours went into the prep and coatings and this will be a lot better than loads of welding a few years down the line.

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Anyone tried "Before-n-After" features in a lot of the LR mags. Views are marmite and seem evenly split.

Used him when it was down in Newbury. Had the full kleentect coating. Very unpleasant experience took way longer than quoted. Whatever stuff they used to clean it aged the plastics so much (new vehicle) I ended up replacing them. Masses of overspray that took ages to remove. And he was very shouty.


In balance, I would state that there appeared to be wax in the cavities and the coating didn't fall off before I sold it. At which point the coating made no difference to the price I got, despite claims of coated vehicles going for more money.


I'd go somewhere else. The op's one seems very reasonable given how much work it is.

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