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Thermal 1 pieces suit reccommendations....


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I was wondering if you guys had any reccommendations for 1 piece thermal suits. I'm going back to Hungary again in February where temps can drop down to -15 and last year there were occasions where I got a touch chilly. I will be mostly sitting in towers so being static for long periods of times is not great in thise temps.


I'm thinking this time a 1 piece suit to get togged up in so is there anything you guys have worn with success?


Also advise on keeping my feet warm would be great as my tootsies got a bit numb last time too.

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i have a 50 plus fishing set up which comprises of a bib n brace with a jacket and fleece that cost me £100 and is 100% waterproof and lightweight, added to a pair of mendil dovre extreme boots it is extremley toasty, not sure what the temp was but i sat for four hours fishing and when i left my landing net had frozen itslef flat, the only thing cold were my cheeks

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So after much frustration belive it or not there wasn't a one piece in the country in my size, and believe me I tried everywhere! Ended up with the Deer Hunter Mouflon two piece suit. I can honestly say it was bob on! It wasn't as cold as last years trip this time but was dropping to -6 ish and with a good base thermal layer, normal trousers and jumper I didn't feel the cold once.


Since i've been back i've stalked in it and as long as you havn't got too many layers underneth it seems perfect for all jobs, whether your sat in a seat or stalking. Love the little features too like the bullet holders in the pockets and the lense cleaner on bungey in one of the breast pockets.

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I like bib and brace because if it gets a bit warm walking out to a stand you can open your coat and 'breath' a little. I have been buying

hunting clothes from Cabela's in the USA and started way back 30yrs ago when visiting regularly. They do quality stuff but of course to import it can be pricey and they add ridiculous shipping fees. If you have a friend in the States it is sometimes better to have them collect if they live

near an outlet and then ship. I have just received a pair of insulated bib and brace camo overalls and they are excellent. Light and easy to walkin, full zip up legs, so easy to get over boots. Worth a look. Gone off Seeland after their wellies parted from the soles and they wouldn't talkto me and got very stroppy.

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