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I was asked by a farmer to have a look at some pigeons on the winter rape yesterday. I had of course already been watching the field and numbers were starting to build nicely. I would have liked to have left the field a bit longer, but the farmer is eager to get the gas guns out!

The field in question is thirty acres and tricky to shoot with a footpath at the top end and a horse yard to the left.

After assessing the situation we walked around 80-100 pigeons off the field and sorted the kit.


With the good wind blowing today i decided along with my shooting buddy tan to set up a net hide on some telegragh poles 150 yds into the field. The position was ideal as we could shoot from all angles, but this part of the field has a lot Charlock the yellow flowering weed often seen growing in rape at this stage. Although the charlock was thin and it was easy to pick shot birds, setting out our decoy pattern was tricky so the magnet, a floater and a few dead birds on cradles was the order of the day.


From the off the pigeons decoyed perfectly, we both shot well and enjoyed some good left and rights. We took in turn to shoot and shred some good banter and had i nice morning out.

Unfortunatley the pigeons stopped at 1pm as i imagined they had found another food source. The odd passing bird decoyed straight to us but at 2pm we decided to pack up.


The final pick up resulted in 47 woodies all of which were in tip top condition. one or two others made it accross the field but we shot well and picked up 67 empties.


Although short and sweet the session suprised me as i thought the birds would simply cleared the field after a couple of shots!

The farmer is happy and there's a few more pigeons in my freezer.


Merry christmas and a happy new year to all you pigeon watchers! :santa:



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Great work Aga man! Well worth the wait eh?

Cheers fella, yes it has been a while but would of been better if i could of let the birds build a bit.


he might leave the gas bangers off a bit after that to give you another bash ? well done.

I will be trying to convince him of that, although he has lost whole fields of rape to pigeons in the past, so get's nervous at the sight of them!



Thanks for all the other comments folks, all the best to you all :drinks:

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