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L200 alarm problem


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When I press the key fob button, to open car the alarm goes off. It takes about 10 mins to reset. I can drive the car but every 15 seconds the alarm goes off. This is embarrassing and get some dirty looks off other drivers. Any thoughts? Cheers.www.pocuk.com/forums


try this forum for Mitsubishi lots of info





been there, but no help.

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New fob battery? Had a landy that did something similar, would unlock but the sensors stayed active.

Disconnect car battery for a few minutes, might reset alarm?


That sorted it, put in new fob battery but still did it. Then I pressed the lock and unlock button together for 10 seconds, touch wood problem solved. Thanks everybody for all the help.

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I have a slightly different problem with my 2010 L200 my alarm goes off when I unlock it sometimes when it’s first thing in the morning and sometimes when I finish work in the afternoon 

seems to be when it’s cold ish or when it’s hot ish. 
I unlock it, then the alarm goes off, so then I lock it, then unlock it, just to stop the alarm.

I have changed the battery in the fob last year but still happening. 
it’s very annoying now!!!!!


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